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Complete safeguarding of the production line

To be able to start all robot programmes on a production line from a single point, work objects and tools need to be measured as accurately as possible.

WIEST advantages

Customer benefits

The customer has the possibility to calculate the paths of his robots as far as it is possible. The prerequisite for this is the precise measurement of work pieces and tools with LaserLAB.

In addition, the entire production line is protected against downtime by re-teaching. If the line is moved later, not a single robot has to be reteached.


Cell description

The customer is setting up an engine assembly line for a car manufacturer. A total of 26 high-precision ABB IRB 4400 and IRB 6640 robots are used, distributed over 15 stations and performing different tasks. These range from handling tasks to the application of adhesives or sealants, assembly and leak testing.


The end customer wants the robot programmes to contain as few points as possible. Ideally, programmes should have a single starting point from which all other points are calculated. To enable this calculation, the work objects and tools must be defined as accurately as possible.

In addition, the plant must be protected against possible production stoppages.


Using Wiest technology, the hardware of each station on the production line is digitally stored. This makes it possible to immediately restore the reference between the hardware and the robot programmes in the event of a crash or after replacing parts on the robot or tool.


These Wiest products were used:


The ultimate all-in-one solution for robotic cell measurement and calibration tasks


Calibrate your robot for maximum accuracy


Calibrate your base for maximum accuracy


Calibrate your tool for highest precision

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