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Safeguarding of complex machining cells

Two absolute-precision robots, which handle endoscopes at a total of eight stations, are to be safe-guarded.

Wiest advantages

Customer benefits

By measuring with loop:in, tool:in and base:in, the system is fully secured. It can also be relocated without the need for re-teaching.


Cell description

The cell contains two ABB 1400-1.2 absolute-precision robots. They process the endoscopes at a total of eight stations. The machining stations saw, mill, grind, polish and measure the endoscopes. Each robot has two grippers as tools and nine work objects. It takes more than 15 minutes to machine a part. The machining programmes are correspondingly long and complex.


The operator wants to make his cell as secure as possible. To achieve this, the robot must be able to continue production immediately after changing the gripper, moving the cell or replacing mechanical components, without any downtime.


The Wiest technologies, loop:in, tool:in and base:in were used for this. All tools and work objects were captured. This means that not only are the working points of the tool and work objects measured very accurately, but they can also be reproduced with repeatability. After a gripper crash, either the gripper or its replacement is remeasured to correct the tool data. Re-teaching is not necessary. The same applies to work objects: If you need to move a workobject in the cell and it has been measured, you can do so without any problems. By measuring the modified work object, its programme points are again exactly correct.


These Wiest products were used:


Calibrate your tool for highest precision


Calibrate your robot for maximum accuracy


Calibrate your base for maximum accuracy


The ultimate all-in-one solution for robotic cell measurement and calibration tasks

Technical support

Contact our support team with any technical questions.

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Technical support

Contact our support team for all technical questions

+49 (0)821 123 456

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