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Career at Wiest AG

Even if there are no vacancies advertised at the moment, but you have a technical education and initial knowledge of robotics, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application. Just send us your application to

About our company

Being founded in 2001 by Dr. Ulrich Wiest, Wiest AG developed into a reliable and competent partner of the industry. Since then, the company has been developing products and strategies in the fields of robot calibration and robot cell measurement.

With its three main products LaserLAB, RotoLAB and GripLAB, Wiest AG is one of the leading suppliers of optical measurement systems for industrial robots. At our location in southern Germany, we are right at the center of robotics and automation.

Whether cars, aircraft or medical technology: WIEST AG’s customers come from diverse industries and receive solutions for all measurement and calibration requirements for industrial robots.

Current vacancies

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In the beginning there was a vision - this is how WIEST AG came to life


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Sie wollen Ihre Roboter "Wiesten"?

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