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Mastering MOTOMAN robots for waterjet cutting

Robots cutting textiles for the automotive industry require frequent maintenance due to the high processing speeds.


Benefit for the client

The customer is able to master his robots automatically after maintenance work (e.g. replacement of motors, gears and manual axes). His complex and extensive robot programmes still fit and do not need to be re-teached.


Cell description

The customer produces textiles for the automotive industry, which are used, for example, to upholster The textiles are pressed onto a laminate and then cut by a robot. Cutting takes place in cutting cells. Two Motoman robots are mounted on the ceiling and use a water jet to cut the fabric from the laminate along a 3D contour. The customer operates six cutting cells in Germany and a further eight cutting cells in other European countries. In use are Motoman robots with older XRC controllers as well as NX100 controllers.


Due to the high machining speeds, the robots require frequent maintenance. Gearboxes, motors and robot hands are replaced. After the maintenance work, the robots lose their mastering and all the machining programmes have to be re-teached The machining programmes are very extensive and consist of hundreds of spatial points.


In the cutting cell, a base plate was attached to the cell strut in the centre of the two robots. The LaserLAB is screwed to the base plate after maintenance. A special measuring ball with 3/8 inch left-hand thread is screwed onto the water jet nozzle. The centre of the sphere represents the TCP of the robot. Using the loop:in software, the robot is now automatically mastered.


These Wiest products were used:


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Technical support

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Technical support

Contact our support team for all technical questions

+49 (0)821 123 456

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