Our range of services

We see ourselves as the interface between mechanical engineering and robot programming. We offer our customers products and strategies related to every aspect of industrial robot calibration, enabling you to maximise the accuracy and availability of your robot cells with a high level of automation but without needing a great deal of specialist knowledge.

We support you as a competent partner throughout your production process – from the planning of the robot cells through to production and maintenance.

It is important to us that the solutions are tailored precisely to your application and that they are as economical and efficient as possible.

An overview of our services

Drawing up a measurement plan

  • Description of the robot's function

  • Geometric analysis and specification of the required frames

  • Definition of the coordinate systems

  • Advice on the design of masters

Initial setup of the cell at the installation site

  • Definition of mechanical references for mounting the measuring system

  • Generation of all robot programs for carrying out the measurement

  • Measurement of all tools and bases

Second measurement of the cell at the installation site

  • New measurement of all tools and bases

  • Machine capability study

Training and documentation

  • Training of the maintenance personnel

  • Drawing up a cell-specific user guide including illustrations