Fully backed up production line

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To start all the robot programs on a production line from a single point, work objects and tools need to be measured as accurately as possible.

Fully backed up production line

Cell description

The customer sets up a car manufacturer's production line for engine assembly. A total of 26 absolutely accurate ABB robots of types IRB 4400 and IRB 6640 are used. These are spread out across 15 stations where different activities are carried out. The handling tasks range from gluing and applying sealant to assembly and leak testing.

Task definition

The end customer would like the robot programs to contain as few points as possible. Optimally the programs should have only one starting point and all the other points would be calculated from this. To allow this calculation to take place, work objects and tools need to be measured as precisely as possible.

Moreover the system needs to be backed up to prevent possible production outages.


With Wiest technology, the hardware of each station in the production line is stored digitally. This means that in the event of a crash or when a part has been exchanged on the robot or tool, the relationship between hardware and robot programs can be restored.

Customer benefit

The customer is able to calculate his robot paths wherever possible. The precondition for this is accurate measurement of the work objects and tools with LaserLAB.

The overall production line is also safeguarded from downtimes for re-teaching. If the line is relocated at a later time, not a single robot needs to be re-taught.