Inaccessible machine loading

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When a highly complex cell that is difficult to access is relocated, it is essential to avoid long production stoppages.

Inaccessible machine loading

Cell description

The cell produces shift forks for gearboxes. A KUKA KR30 places the parts in a difficult-to-access CNC milling machine. There they are mounted in the jig by the robot. This procedure is highly complex and is supported by a force-torque sensor that guides the robot.

Task definition

The cell was to be relocated. The existing robot programs are very difficult to teach-in because the cell offers poor visibility. The teaching itself is only possible with mirrors. Moreover, this cell is vital to the customer's global production. A long production stoppage to re-teach the complex process would therefore be unacceptable.


All tools and bases in the cell were measured in their current state with the LaserLAB.

The cell was then relocated and calibrated again with the LaserLAB.

Customer benefit

The deviations that arose were corrected by the Wiest software and the cell could return to production straight away. Wiest AG helped the customer to reduce a potentially major production stoppage to a minimum.