Cloning production lines

Automotive engineering Underbody protection

Programs that were written for a production line applying PVC need to be run on a second line without any re-teaching.

Cloning production lines

Cell description

The customer operates two lines for seam sealing, undercoating and rust-proofing on car bodies. A total of 32 Fanuc robots of type M16 and M-710 are operated on linear units. The PVC coating is applied with SCA Schucker spray lances.

Task definition

The customer would like to be able to take programs written for one production line and run them on a second line without any re-teaching.

The background to this is a desire for an emergency strategy: if one robot fails, they would like another to be able to do its job.


All 32 robots and linear axes were calibrated absolutely accurately with loop:in. All nozzles were measured with the measuring triangle and tool:in. Seven different car models were calibrated with the base:in software and the LaserLAB on the robot, and the ISRA referencing carried out.

Customer benefit

The customer now only needs to teach-in on one production line and can run the programs on the other line with high accuracy.

An emergency strategy where one robot can flexibly take over the workload of another robot is feasible.