Backing up complex machining cells

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Two absolutely accurate robots that process endoscopes at a total of eight stations, need to be backed up.

Backing up complex machining cells

Cell description

The cell contains two ABB 1400-1.2 absolutely accurate robots. These process endoscopes at a total of eight stations. The endoscopes are sawn, milled, ground, polished and measured at the machining stations. Each robot has two grippers as tools and nine work objects. Each workpiece takes more than 15 minutes to machine. The processing programs are correspondingly long and complex.

Task definition

The system operator would like the cell to be backed up as far as possible. This means enabling production to continue immediately, without losing time for re-teaching, in the event of gripper replacement, cell relocation or an exchange of mechanical components on the robots.


The Wiest technologies of loop:intool:in and base:in were used in this case. All tools and work objects were measured. This enables tool working points and work objects not only to be measured highly precisely, but also to be restored with high repeat accuracy. Following a gripper crash, either the gripper or its replacement are measured again and this corrects the tool data. Re-teaching is unnecessary. The same applies to work objects: if a work object in the cell needs to be relocated and it has been calibrated beforehand, this can be done without difficulty. Thanks to measurement of the modified work object, its program points are exactly aligned again.

Customer benefit

As a result of the measurement with loop:in, tool:in and base:in, the cell is completely backed up. It can also be relocated without re-teaching.