With LaserLAB and temp:in you will be able to continuously measure the temperature drift and straightaway compensate it inside the robot – without having to stop production!

Measurement of the Temperature Drift with temp:in


Do you grind, hone and debur with the aid of industrial robots? Do your processes need a high long-term stability, e.g. because measuring of quality characteristics is carried out with robot support? Then, LaserLAB with temp:in will help you!

If metal is heated, it expands and shrinks, if it is cooled. It is already sufficient, when a hall gate is opened during the manufacture or the robot arms warm up after a certain time. This can be fatal for high-accuracy applications as even smallest deviations lead here to faults. The consequences are that the specified tolerances cannot be reached and there will be high scrap quotas. Therefore, the goal of the measurement with LaserLAB and temp:in is the continuous compensation of modifications of the robot kinematics due to temperature changes. The modifications are compensated by continuous measurements without having to stop production.

  • Permanent drift compensation

  • On-line compensation, directly in the robot control

  • Quick measurement, due to this, no extension of cycle time

  • Integrated temperature sensor

  • Recording of the temperature changes

  • No scrap due to temperature drift!