The aim of robot measurement is the improvement of the absolute positioning accuracy. You will get an accurate model of the robot axes according to the “Closed-Loop Calibration Method“.

Robot Measurement with loop:in


The LaserLAB software for absolutely accurate calibration of a robot. It allows you to measure any robot with absolute accuracy. Irrespective of the manufacturer or the kinematics.

Goal of robot measurement is the improvement of the absolute positioning accuracy. The measurement with LaserLAB is carried out directly inside the robot cell. The software loop:in determines an exact model of the robot axes and transfers the result to the control.

After a crash or after maintenance work a robot that is already measured can be reset to its original status by repeating the measurement. Due to this, teach-in repetition of the robot programmes will be completely dropped!

How it is done

Fix the LaserLAB to the base plate in the robot cell and the measuring ball to the robot tool. Now move the measuring ball to a teach-in starting position in the visibility area of the measuring system. After pushing the start button, loop:in takes over the control of the robot and drives along the measuring positions without collision. The new zero-positions of the robot axes will be calculated from the measured robot positions and can be transferred into the robot control by pushing a button.

Your Advantage

  • Original kinematics / adjustment can always be reset

  • Quick robot replacement

  • Quick motor, gear unit or hand replacement

  • Off-line programming possible

  • Clear improvement of positioning accuracy

  • Manufacture of the Absolutely Accurate Robot

  • Cloning of robots

  • TCP for re-orientation can be determined very accurately

  • Easy integration into already producing plants

  • Time necessary < 15 min

  • Low downtimes!

  • Plant availability will be clearly increased!