The aim is to measure one or more additional axes up to cooperating robots. You will get a common coordinate system, within which the synchronized axes move.

Measurement of Cooperating with kir:in


kir:in enables you to measure accurately synchronous axes, such as additional axes or cooperating robots.

The goal of measuring additional axes in robot cells is improving the accuracy of the whole processing procedure. This is especially important, if e.g. workpieces will be processed in motion. The advantage of this new technology is high efficiency, as intermediate transportation steps can be completely dropped. From a simple rotary table to the cooperating robot: With LaserLAB and kir:in, you can exactly measure this production mode of the future!

By using LaserLAB and kir:in for measuring directly inside the robot cell, you will get a common coordinate system, inside which the kinematics are moving. The additional axes will be measured with the aid of the measuring system. For this, simply attach the LaserLAB to the additional axes and the measuring ball to the robot. If you want to measure cooperating robots LaserLAB will be attached to the slave robot and the
measuring ball to the master robot.

  • Clear improvement of the accuracy

  • Measurement of rotary and tilting tables

  • Measurement of cooperating robots

  • Standardised measurement

  • Non-contact measurement

  • Quick initial operation of plants

  • Large time savings