Checking and calibrating grippers with GripLAB

Your robot has had a collision and the component to be handled no longer lies correctly in the gripper? GripLAB from WIEST offers quick, automatic checking and calibration of the gripped component. Your robot is productive again in the shortest possible time.

GripLAB measures in less than a minute a gripped part or the gripper of a handling application. If the test measurement exceeds a specified tolerance, the tool data can be corrected directly in the robot control. A use of GripLAB during operation is possible. As a result, gradual deterioration of the gripping process can be detected and corrected in advance - before a potential collision. 

Because of capturing the entire error chain from the robot flange to the component by GripLAB, the process safety greatly increases in handling tasks by robots. 

The initial installation of GripLAB, after assembly in the robot cell, can be carried out in a few minutes. The automatic measurement is performed via an included robot program. An installation of additional software on the robot controll is not required. 

Typical components that are to be measured automatically with GripLAB as steering knuckles, motor housing and gear.

Process running


GripLAB is a compact measurement system with precision laser measuring technology. It can be integrated  in the robotic cell by using the supplied adapter plate. The connection to the robot controller is established selectively via RS232, Ethernet, fieldbus or EtherCAT interface.


  • ABB:
    S4C+ (RS23)
    IRC5 (RS23, Ethernet)

  • KUKA:
    KRC2 (RS232)
    KRC4 (Ethernet)

  • Fanuc (RC232, Ethernet)


GripLAB is controlled directly by the supplied robot program. It will not require any additional hardware or software. The robot programs are currently available for ABB, KUKA and Fanuc robots. Further robot controllers with corresponding interface (RS2323, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet) can be easily integrated.