Wireless-Adapter, LaserLAB

LaserLAB Art.Nr.:5 29 022 00

Use our popular automatic measuring system LaserLAB without inconvenient cables to facilitate data communication between LaserLAB and your notebook.

Tangle of cables belong to the past. The wireless adapter serves to install LaserLAB in the robot cell quickly. All you have to do is to tighten three bolts to fix the LaserLAB rack to the base plate - THAT’S IT.

The wireless adapter turns out to be particularly convenient for measuring the base. In this case the LaserLAB is mounted to the robot’s gripper and is moved in the production cell by the robot in order to gauge the calibration balls in the installations.

Cables can no longer get caught on clamps or similar equipment. Measuring bases becomes significantly easier and also done faster.

Delivery scope:

  • Bluetooth adapter plus battery to facilitate LaserLAB-notebook-communication
  • Fastening clamp for measuring device rac
  • Bluetooth USB stick
  • Driver for Bluetooth stick
  • Power supply uni
  • Case
  • WLAN adapter for the hall network to facilitate robot-notebook-communication.


  • Clamp and connect wireless adapter to the measuring device’s rack.
  • Plug USB stick into the notebook and install the driver included with the delivery scope.
  • Once the USB stick continuously flashes in blue color, the connection has been established and measurement can be started
Wireless-Adapter, LaserLAB